año/asesor/fraude fiscal tax year/adviser/fraud
f. & m.
1 similar public prosecutor (British), district attorney (United States) (law).
fiscal General del Estado (similar) Director of Public Prosecutions (British), (similar) Attorney General (United States)
2 district attorney, government attorney, prosecuting attorney, prosecutor.
* * *
1 fiscal, tax
nombre masulino o femenino
1 DERECHO public prosecutor, US district attorney
2 figurado snooper, informer
* * *
ADJ (=relativo a impuestos) fiscal, tax antes de s ; (=económico) fiscal, financial

año fiscal — fiscal year, financial year

2. SMF
1) (Jur) public prosecutor, district attorney (EEUU)

fiscal general del Estado — Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney General (EEUU)

2) * (=entrometido) busybody, meddler
* * *
adjetivo fiscal, tax (before n); año, ministerio
-cala masculino, femenino, fiscal masculino y femenino ≈district attorney (in US), ≈public prosecutor (in UK)
masculino (Ven) tb

fiscal de tránsito — (cuerpo) traffic police; (persona) traffic policeman

* * *
adjetivo fiscal, tax (before n); año, ministerio
-cala masculino, femenino, fiscal masculino y femenino ≈district attorney (in US), ≈public prosecutor (in UK)
masculino (Ven) tb

fiscal de tránsito — (cuerpo) traffic police; (persona) traffic policeman

* * *
1 = prosecutor, prosecuting attorney, district attorney, district counsel.

Ex: This article discusses one case that illustrates how even well trained federal prosecutors can grow confused about how to apply the intellectual property law.

Ex: Prosecuting attorneys are responsible for prosecution of all violations of state criminal law within their county.
Ex: District attorneys are the elected representatives of the state in all criminal and some juvenile matters.
Ex: The duty of the prosecuting counsel is not to obtain a conviction at all cost, but to act as a Minister of Justice.
* acuerdo con el fiscal = plea bargaining.
* Fiscal General = Attorney General.
* oficina del fiscal, la = prosecutor's office, the.

2 = fiscal, prosecuting.

Ex: The effect of fiscal pressures is particularly evident for government on-line systems, such as DOE/RECON.

Ex: Moreover, the investigating function is in principle kept separate from the prosecuting one, at least in the case of the more serious offences including those related to corruption.
* abogado fiscal = prosecuting attorney, district attorney, district counsel.
* año fiscal = fiscal year, business year, accounting year, tax year.
* beneficio fiscal = fiscal benefit.
* desgravación fiscal = tax deduction, tax relief, tax abatement.
* ejercicio fiscal = tax year, fiscal year, business year, accounting year.
* exención fiscal = tax write-off.
* extracto fiscal = tax statement, income tax statement.
* fraude fiscal = tax evasion.
* licencia fiscal = trading licence.
* paraíso fiscal = tax haven, offshore banking.
* reducción fiscal = tax cut.
* residencia fiscal = tax residence.
* tipo fiscal = tax rate.
* tipo fiscal marginal = marginal tax rate.

* * *
fiscal, tax (before n)
asesor fiscal tax consultant
fiscal2 -cala
fiscal masculine and feminine ≈ district attorney (in US), ≈ public prosecutor (in UK)
fiscal anticorrupción
masculine and feminine special prosecutor appointed to investigate cases of corruption
Fiscal General del Estado
masculine and feminine ≈ Attorney General (in US), ≈ Director of Public Prosecutions (in UK)
(Ven) tb
fiscal de tránsito (cuerpo) traffic police; (persona) traffic policeman
* * *


fiscal adjetivo
fiscal, tax (before n)
■ sustantivo masculino y femenino ≈ district attorney (in US), ≈ public prosecutor (in UK)
I adjetivo
1 (relativo al fisco) fiscal, tax
2 (relativo al fiscal) prosecuting
II mf Jur public prosecutor, US district attorney
Fiscal General del Estado, Director of Public Prosecutions, US Attorney General
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* * *
1. [del fisco] fiscal, tax;
año/asesor/fraude fiscal tax year/adviser/evasion
2. Der
el ministerio fiscal Br ≈ Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, US ≈ Attorney General's Office
1. Der Br ≈ public prosecutor, US ≈ district attorney
Fiscal General del Estado Br ≈ Director of Public Prosecutions, US ≈ Attorney General
2. Andes [ayuda de párroco] churchwarden
3. Ven fiscal de tránsito traffic policeman, f traffic policewoman
* * *
I adj tax atr, fiscal;
sistema fiscal tax system
II m/f district attorney, Br
public prosecutor
* * *
fiscal adj
: fiscal
fiscalmente adv
fiscal nmf
: district attorney, prosecutor
* * *
fiscal1 adj tax
una reforma fiscal a tax reform
fiscal2 n public prosecutor

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